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------ Short Videos ------

1. Jill sums it up.

2. Ready to Revolt.

3. From Bernie to Jill

4. The clock is ticking.

5. Most of us don't want either.

6. Student debt can go.

7. Ajamu Baraka, Vice President

8. Can Fox News listen?

9. Yes, Fox News can listen.

10. Fox & Friends get hostile.

11. On the Ballot and Can Win

Here are 23 videos about Jill Stein.
Pick the start button below or numbered titles at the left and right to watch them.

A Campaign Video - Green New Deal

Pick here to see Jill and Ajamu on Democracy Now (Start at 13 minutes to skip the headlines.)

We cannot wait four more years.

------ A Deeper Look ------

12. On Education and more

13. Jill gets to talk.

14. Chris Hedges shows the best of Jill.

15. Jill in the Democratic Convention

16. A movement is beginning.

17. Jill's Acceptance Speech

18. Background from Kshama Sawant

19. On Point

20. CNN Town Hall

21. Beltway Press Conference

22. Short Biography

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Something else of the day:
5% of the people in the world are in the United States.
25% of the prisoners in the world are in the United States.

That means we have 5 times as much of our population in prison.

It's worse than you think. Read this.

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