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Five Latin American states - Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru - withdrew their ambassadors from Israel, following the course of Bolivia and Venezuela, which had broken relations in reaction to earlier Israeli crimes. These principled acts are another sign of the remarkable change in world relations as much of Latin America begins to free itself from western domination, sometimes providing a model of civilized behavior to those who controlled it for 500 years. -- Noam Chomsky, August 1, 2014

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Here it is - another of my opinions.

What should the courts do when companies break the law? Companies pollute rivers and get fined and examine the cost and find it's cheaper to pay the fines. Tobacco companies lied about the effects of smoking and have to give some of their profits to the sates, so now the states find it in their interest for tobacco companies to be profitable. Drug companies conceal the side effects of their drugs and get forced to compensate millions of people that were harmed by the drug, but they do the same thing again and again because they usually don't get caught. Over and over companies do illegal things and end up deciding to keep doing it.

Here's what will stop it. The punishment for a company that breaks a law should be that the people who were responsible for the decision are not allowed to work in a policy making position in any company for some years - maybe 10 years - maybe 20. This would apply to the people who made the decision and their bosses and theirs and theirs all the way up to the board of directors and the CEO - always including the topmost people in the corporate hierarchy - even if they claim they did not know.

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