It makes things so much easier and cleaner if you can take a universe that is nothing but infinite shades of color and infinite shades of gray and convert it all into low bit black-and-white. It takes up so much less space in the mind if it is black-and-white. -- Praedor Atrebates

Why would anybody want to believe it?

number two There are some comforting things - things that feel good to believe. Here are a few examples:
I'm not going to die, really.

My friends and family who died will be with me again someday.

Somebody up there will make sure everything works out for me.

I will get my revenge in time.

There is meaning and purpose to it all.

I know the truth about life.

This last one is bigger than we usually notice. The comfort of knowing and knowing that what we know is right is very important to us. Avoiding the discomfort of not knowing is a powerful motivation to find answers. Having all the answers feels good.