What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof. -- Christopher Hitchens

Is your first guess always right?

number one People try to make sense of what they see. When we have no good explanation, we use the best one we have. We don't just go generation after generation saying, "we don't know." Sometimes our explanations turn out to be wrong. For example, people used to think the sky was a dome with the stars attached to it. Evidence? Well, you can see it. What more evidence could you want? Well, alright, that was a long time ago and since then we learned not to just make things up - or did we? Sixty years ago we all believed that dinosaurs became extinct because they had small brains and got outsmarted by other animals (mammals, of course), but now we found out a big asteroid hit the earth and killed them all.

We modern people have no trouble understanding that primitive tribal people made up gods to explain why things happen. We can accept that the ancient greeks made up their gods out of their imagination and desire to understand. We look at these other people and "know" that they were simply wrong. Meanwhile, we worship gods passed down to us for thousands of years by people who misunderstood many things we know the truth about today.