The way of approaching a question is not to examine the numerical strength of those behind the opinion, but to examine the soundness of the opinion on merits, or else we will never reach a solution, and if we reach one, it will be a blind solution simply because it is the wish of the largest body. If the largest body goes wrong, it is up to me to say you are wrong and not to submit. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Why I say there is no God.

science First let's get clear about what I mean by that. Do I mean there is no creator of the world we see? No, I'm not talking about that. What I do mean is that it does not matter. What I mean when I say there is no God, is that there is nothing we need to know or do regarding the creator if there is one.

It's very simple to see that, I say. It is obvious that it could be no other way. Here's why:

Some will argue this but always based on religious beliefs or personal experience. As always, believing sincerely or even experiencing something does not make it so. For example, we believed the earth was the center of the universe and we experienced the sun rising at one edge of it, moving over the top, and setting past the other edge. That didn't make it true.

Well, alright, some people have logical arguments. Here are a few of them:

Consider what these arguments, flawed or not, argue for. They are arguments for the existence of a creator. They do not lead to the conclusion that there is any action we need to take. My statement still stands: There is nothing we need to know or do regarding the creator if there is one.