Summary of this Section

For the most part these pages do not talk about God or spirituality. They talk about church or religion. Here's the essence of what they say:
The purpose of religion is to gain wealth and power. If you look at what churches and religions do, you will easily see this. They tell people how to live their lives and they take their money.

If you are a member of a religion, you attend events where you are told what to think and do and to contribute money. Of course, you are also told that you are there for some other reason. You are told that the creator of all things is so needy and vain that he will respond to your praise and adulation by sometimes doing what you request and by giving you a wonderful new life after this one. Just in case that doesn't get your attention, you are told that you will be severely punished if you do otherwise.

That's all there is to religion. Pick the Back button and read the rest of the details. Then write to me and tell me what you think.