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Five Latin American states - Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador and Peru - withdrew their ambassadors from Israel, following the course of Bolivia and Venezuela, which had broken relations in reaction to earlier Israeli crimes. These principled acts are another sign of the remarkable change in world relations as much of Latin America begins to free itself from western domination, sometimes providing a model of civilized behavior to those who controlled it for 500 years. -- Noam Chomsky, August 1, 2014

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With all the lies of the past, there is little reason to accept the story they are telling us. There is no particular thing that I've come to believe instead. Could they have killed him and disposed of the body as they say they did? Surely they could have and there are many other possibilities. Maybe they gave him a new identity and a comfortable home in South America. Maybe he died of natural causes or in a drone attack and they wanted credit for being super-duper bad-guy catchers.

What distresses me more is that most of our citizens are just fine with being part of a country that hunts people down and kills them. We seem to have forgotten our constitution and our laws and we know little or nothing about international laws and conventions. It's just our gang against their gang. We hope ours is meaner and tougher.

Pick here to learn about Chris Hedges and hear what he says.

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