SI is here
Learn to speak SI

Marry Poppins Now that you know about SI, you'll notice our language is full of old-fashioned English units. Soon, you'll find new ways of expressing yourself and communicating with your friends. Here are a few everyday things you'll be saying:
5 milliliters of sugar helps the medicine go down.

Twenty-eight grams of prevention is worth 454 grams of cure.

He had a smile 1610 meters wide.

I figure I'm getting too fat if I can pinch 25 millimeters.

I'm going to the store for a liter of Pepsi and 946 milliliters of milk.

I went to McDonalds and had a 113 grammer.

473 milliliters is 454 grams the world around. (You might want to write to me about this one.)

Now you're an SI expert. Well, lets just say your kilometers ahead of most folks.