I am who I'm pretending to be. -- Gallagher

Who am I?

My picture I'm a 78 year old computer professional (yes, it's my driver's license photo). I live about 50 miles north of New York City. It often bothers me that the web seems to have no geographic locations so I'm telling you mine. Feel free to contact me any of the above ways. I am an entire person, not just an Internet presence.

Here is a short biography. I'm writing it for my friends who ask things like, "How did you end up ..." and "What ever happened to ..." and other stuff about my past. It saves me writing and makes it easy for whoever wants to know.

How it got here Who am I? Cindy - my soul-mate Mr. Jim - my father James - DeeJay babyblu Dana - EMT - RN TerraGraphics